Monthly archives: August, 2016

Looking for someone to join Moresampler development

Within a year Moresampler has grown from a small project with frequent crashes to something fast and robust built on the top of 10 libraries; latest research outcomes from the academia of audio and speech processing have been implemented, bringing synthesis quality up to an unprecedented level.

Up to this date Moresampler is designed, developed and maintained by a single person (me), but it's getting increasingly harder to keep up with the growing number of feature requests & bug reports while on the other hand, there are ideas and areas I would like to explore but are beyond the reach of a single developer (or may take tremendous time/efforts to accomplish). To make Moresampler even better, I'm looking for a collaborator to join the R&D.

Moresampler 0.7.1 Release

(Oct. 26, 2016 - Moresampler 0.7.2 is released!)

This summer I traveled a lot so Moresampler was halted for 2 months, sorry guys. The good thing is that I'm now back with full energy and motivation!

Moresampler 0.7.1 comes with mostly bug fixes and feature improvements. Though there's no new feature added, it puts some really annoying things (e.g. glitches at the end of a note) to an end. In addition the codes have been refactored so as to make it easier to add new features in the next release; by then Moresampler will support CVVC-style oto generation. By the way the current version already supports romaji voicebanks for oto generation.

Another important thing to announce is that I'm looking for someone to help me with developing and maintaining Moresampler. More information is posted here.