Monthly archives: May, 2017

On the effectiveness of a headphone amplifier

I got quite intrigued by the design of audio devices ever since getting my ER4 earphone, which claims to reproduce the pressure field in ear canal as what it would be in reality.

The only thing sounding fishy to me is how could a soundcard with an output impedance of 40 Ohm drive a 45 Ohm earphone without voltage division taking place. A search on Google told me nothing besides audiophiles selling their impedance matching snake oil. It just didn't seem like many people had done a serious measurement on this matter, so I decided to do one, and also for what will happen if an op-amp is used to boost the current delivery.

The report can be downloaded from here.

Moresampler 0.8.2 Release

Our users in Japan had long discovered that Moresampler adds a vibe to the voice when modulation parameter goes to 100%. (FYI: what modulation does is to restore the pitch fluctuation in the recording.) While this feature technically isn't deliberately designed, it comes as a surprisingly nice byproduct of Moresampler's sophisticated algorithm and architecture. Though the mod 100% vibe isn't perfect yet - in some cases just like using mod 100% on many other engines, the pitch goes completely off making the voice sound almost "drunk". In this release I present a fix to this problem and I'd recommend everyone to give it a try.

Inspired by the modulation parameter, a new flag 'Mp' is added that randomly perturbs the pitch curve. The number after Mp controls the degree of perturbation. While the range is from 0 to 100, a small number around 5 should be enough to notice the difference.

An Arpasing-related bug in the oto generator is also fixed. Moresampler 0.8.2 is fully compatible with the recently updated Arpasing 0.2.

Arpasing Standard+Script+Plugin Update

This is an update to Arpasing standard (0.2.0), recording script (0.2.0) and Arpasing Assistant plugin (0.2).

Since the initial launch a few months ago I've received a lot of feedback on various aspects of the Arpasing framework. This update is a major renovation to the whole system in regard to the feedback. The major changes are,

Arpasing standard:

  • Triphone/quadphone units are removed.
  • "ax" (schwa) is added to the phone set.

Arpasing recording script:

  • The N-gram coverage script is redesigned.
  • Extension script "isolated vowels" is added.

Arpasing Assistant:

  • Bug fixes.
  • An option is added to force the note duration to be uniform (explained in detail in readme.txt).

Arpasing toolkit (version 0.2) can be downloaded from here.

I'm also going to update Moresampler very soon.