This is an update to Arpasing standard (0.2.0), recording script (0.2.0) and Arpasing Assistant plugin (0.2).

Since the initial launch a few months ago I've received a lot of feedback on various aspects of the Arpasing framework. This update is a major renovation to the whole system in regard to the feedback. The major changes are,

Arpasing standard:

  • Triphone/quadphone units are removed.
  • "ax" (schwa) is added to the phone set.

Arpasing recording script:

  • The N-gram coverage script is redesigned.
  • Extension script "isolated vowels" is added.

Arpasing Assistant:

  • Bug fixes.
  • An option is added to force the note duration to be uniform (explained in detail in readme.txt).

Arpasing toolkit (version 0.2) can be downloaded from here.

I'm also going to update Moresampler very soon.