Our users in Japan had long discovered that Moresampler adds a vibe to the voice when modulation parameter goes to 100%. (FYI: what modulation does is to restore the pitch fluctuation in the recording.) While this feature technically isn't deliberately designed, it comes as a surprisingly nice byproduct of Moresampler's sophisticated algorithm and architecture. Though the mod 100% vibe isn't perfect yet - in some cases just like using mod 100% on many other engines, the pitch goes completely off making the voice sound almost "drunk". In this release I present a fix to this problem and I'd recommend everyone to give it a try.

Inspired by the modulation parameter, a new flag 'Mp' is added that randomly perturbs the pitch curve. The number after Mp controls the degree of perturbation. While the range is from 0 to 100, a small number around 5 should be enough to notice the difference.

An Arpasing-related bug in the oto generator is also fixed. Moresampler 0.8.2 is fully compatible with the recently updated Arpasing 0.2.

Download Moresampler 0.8.2 here

0.8.2 (May. 15, 2017) Download

  • Bug fix: the oto generator fails to recognize arpabet phoneme "zh".
  • Bug fix: display error message (instead of crashing) when launched outside of host software.
  • Improved feature: improve pitch accuracy under modulation effect.
  • New feature: new flag 'Mp' added for adding a random perturbation to pitch curve. The parameter, ranged from 0 to 100, controls the degree of such perturbation and is set to 0 by default.