Monthly archives: July, 2017

This blog might remain broken for an indefinite amount of time.

University tech service said there was a disk fault in the server that handles the redirects. The issue was fixed right away. I'll take back my words.

Apparently the university has shut down the redirection from to without notifying me. All the links on this blog point toward I'm not sure how long it takes before getting all the links fixed and I don't want to waste my time on fixing hundreds of links which are not supposed to be broken.

I am upset by the fact that the university cares little about maintaining students' edu websites, an important channel for displaying research and personal projects and information exchange with entities inside and outside of the campus. It surely means a lot for an educational institute with a 40k+ student population.

Announcing SHIRO the Speech Alignment Toolkit

SHIRO is a set of tools based on HSMM (Hidden Semi-Markov Model), for aligning phoneme transcription with speech recordings, as well as training phoneme-to-speech alignment models.

Blatantly I created SHIRO because there seems to be no open-source alternatives to HTK available for automatic phoneme alignment. Though by no means SHIRO can be a completely replacement for HTK, which also does speech recognition and language modeling, SHIRO is useful for what it's designed for.

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton HTK SHIRO
Big Mouth
Crooked ?
Costs $$$
Supports both LRHMM and LRHSMM-based speech alignment with multi-state, multi-stream GMM and arbitrary state tying and allows client-side deployment.