About Me

Welcome to my personal website.
I'm currently an undergraduate junior at University of Illinois, Computer Science + Math major.
My research interest is Speech Synthesis, in particular Singing Voice Synthesis (SVS). I was the author of Rocaloid, a SVS system. After resigning from Rocaloid development team, I continue working on my personal SVS researches & projects.

My Current Projects

My Past Projects

Personal stuffs

Musics. I'm a fan of Hatsune Miku whom I guess you can tell from the above projects. My favorite producers are Doriko, AVTechNO!, Mwk, Regulus, Orangestar and Bernis.

Non-anime musics: じゃんぐるカンガルー, In Love with A Ghost, Snail's House, DJ Okawari, Goose House.

A few months ago I learned guitar when doing intern at a music studio.

Photography. Wherever I go there're three things in my bag. Laptop, ultra-light electro-acoustic guitar, and EOS 5D MKIII.