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This blog might remain broken for an indefinite amount of time.

University tech service said there was a disk fault in the server that handles the redirects. The issue was fixed right away. I'll take back my words.

Apparently the university has shut down the redirection from to without notifying me. All the links on this blog point toward I'm not sure how long it takes before getting all the links fixed and I don't want to waste my time on fixing hundreds of links which are not supposed to be broken.

I am upset by the fact that the university cares little about maintaining students' edu websites, an important channel for displaying research and personal projects and information exchange with entities inside and outside of the campus. It surely means a lot for an educational institute with a 40k+ student population.

I'm currently on vacation

Sorry guys I'm currently on a trip to Japan and later to attend a summer school in Europe, so I have to stop maintaining/updating Moresampler for a few weeks until mid August. Thanks for your understanding.

p.s. If anyone wanna meet up please ping me back. I'll be in Tokyo from Jul 14 to Jul 19.

Back from Redbird Hacks 2016

This afternoon I just came back from Redbird Hacks, a 36-hour hackathon at Illinois State University, which is actually the first hackathon I've been to (though a month ago I visited HackIllinois without actually participating in).

My team was formed shortly after the event began, consisting of four U of I freshman and sophomore students. We spent a great deal of time discussing what to build with ideas ranging from a multiplayer version of Pong on Pebble Time to a Donald Trump chat bot with speech recognition & synthesis. Finally we settled down on an Android app that reads a paper tape using camera and plays music notes according to dots drawn on the tape. This is quite similar to a music box, except being a digital version based on image recognition. Not bad for a team of freshman and sophomores, we won the third prize: a $40 loud speaker for each member.

Porting my website onto WordPress framework

The major motivation behind this slightly tedious work is that I would be able to write some release notes on a blog-like website for future releases of Moresampler, instead of awkwardly leaving a few links unexplained. Secondly, I can release myself from the burden of writing html codes by hand, wasting my life on aligning the spaces before <li>, <p>, and <br>. Thirdly, visitors would be able to leave comments right on the page. Finally, this paragraph now has accomplished its mission of being a test post, and it shall be put under the “uncategorized” category.